Impacts of Music In Different Cultures

Music is life it helps us to be creative in a different way, and it makes us express ourselves. There are many cultures all over the world, which they have a different way of life, their lifestyle includes music. In some culture music is used to express how they feel about life and also to feel the life itself.  We will be viewing the impact of music in different cultures.

Different Ethnics with their music

Let first talk about the Chinese, they enjoy music a lot they also love dragon dance. This makes them to remember their culture because the music has been made since the ancient days of their for fathers. Their music has documents that give evidence that their culture is developed. If you want to see the dragon dance, you can visit them during the new year festival in Bejing. You can as well experience Yunnan festival which is called “Snow Music Festival.”  The second place is South Africa, we know Africa music is full of life and specifically is about nature. In Africa they have different kinds of music they sing during marriage, when some died, childbirth, even the political activities and hunting. Hunters really enjoy singing DU their hunting, and they also praise themselves while singing. Africa’s music is also used to praise good spirit, and it is also used to send evil spirits away. The amazing part is that every music has it own dancing steps in Africa.

Different type of instrument played in different cultures

Spain’s music has a wide history which has played important roles in developing the western music. This music has particularly boosted the Latin American music. Their music is always connected everywhere with traditions. Their instrument includes the classical guitar and flamenco. Guitar is used in Spain, it is part of their traditional instrument while in Africa they enjoy playing the drum (talking drums)while they sing and dance along with it.

Impacts of Music In Different Cultures
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