Values of Music in Our Body System

We all know listening to music has some crucial value it plays in our body system. So the adage that say music is life is not an understatement, because it is a joy giver. Music is always available for us anytime we feel down or depressed. Here are the values of music.

Music as a source of pleasure

Music can be used as one of the sources that brings positive emotions. It gives pleasure by acting on the reward system, all thanks to dopaminergic neurons, this release dopamine in the brain. This makes it clear that music helps to soften morals. Research has shown that listening to music in the car has a positive effect on the mood of drivers, it also makes the passenger enjoy their trip. Pertaining to the heart rate music can control it, in a sense that it reduces stress, hypertension and also control cortisol levels in the body. According to some research, it has been declared that music is more effective, because it reduces the anxiety of patients who are due to have surgery. Music helps to reduce pain in a way that listening to music before or after surgery can reduce anxiety.

Importance of music to our memory and sick patient

As music motivates us, it can also help us to learn. Our research makes us understand that music helps the brain to function well, in a sense that can make a student to learn other foreign languages for example a student wants to learn a foreign language, this student was asked to speak or sing phrases in the language in choose. This means that music helps students to memorize, not only a student, it helps babies as well. Music can be used to train infants on how to talk or to pet them. The amazing part of music is that it helps the patient to get well as fast as possible, because it reduces anxiety and depression.

Values of Music in Our Body System
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