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JP Jones

We'll be offering free downloads of JP's published work here - about 200 mp3s  -  one album at a time, approximately once a month, which will take us into 2018. Voluntown was Vision Company's first project. Cheers.
Voluntown 1991
VoluntownCD.GIF (15368 
You Gotta Come to Me
Still Lonely Still Dreaming
Johnny Golightly
No Lights on the Water
These Kids Today
You Gotta Come(reprise)
Down in Voluntown

What Never Was
333 Drunkards
Ruins of the Dawn
New World a-Coming

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JP Jones is a musician, male vocalist, singer songwriter of original songs and music with 15 folk, rock, and new age CDs including Touch, Anywhere I Wander, Revelation, Magical Thinking, Thugs and Lovers, Jeremiah, Life and Death, Salvation Street, Back to Jerusalem, Voluntown, Broken Open, Ashes, Angels on the Road, Bard