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JP Jones

I write for adults of all ages.
I don't see what I do as a career. Making music is a calling. I am a maker and one of the things I make is songs. I like making many sorts of music,  but it is not self-expression -- self-expression happens when you hit your thumb with a hammer and curse -- making music is an art that requires courage, discipline, and whatever talents the gods provide. The highest compliment I receive for my work happens when others are inspired to create something of their own.

Desktop version of God Shaped Hole - studio version on Touch CD:

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JP Jones is a musician, male vocalist, singer songwriter of original songs and music with 15 folk, rock, and new age CDs including Touch, Anywhere I Wander, Revelation, Magical Thinking, Thugs and Lovers, Jeremiah, Life and Death, Salvation Street, Back to Jerusalem, Voluntown, Broken Open, Ashes, Angels on the Road, Bard